Dumpling Maker Machine

You want to enjoy fresh, homemade dumplings but you also want to have a life. Enter this DIY dumpling press.

No skill needed: simply prep your wrappers - with a dough press or dumpling cutter - and position one on each press. Measure in your ingredients, and then press the acuator handle. The dumplings with be folded and the edges crimped precisely. And then two, uniform and beautifully shaped dumplings will drop to the catch plate below, ready for cooking.

Even a beginner can make beautiful dumplings. You can steam/boil/bake/fry to make delicious dumplings. Crank out a few dozen of these, and get ready for good eating!


Strong and sturdy construction as protection against wear.
Makes dumplings quickly, two at a time.
Comfortable handle and durable gear components for effortless pressing.
Anti-slip rubber pads to make for stable, steady use.
Easy to use and clean: wash the molds with warm water and soap, or put them in the dishwasher.
Storage lock lets the dumpling plate to be stored in reverse, to avoid contamination and allows compact storage
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