DIY Dumpling Maker Dough Press Ravioli Mold

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Even inexperienced home chefs can achieve professional results with this multi-purpose dumpling mold. Put the dough or pasta on the surface, then measure and add your favorite filling, fold and press to seal. The crimp design ensures a firm edge seal and the back of the dough press can cut out a perfect dough circle for a professional look!

By letting you make 8 dumplings at a time, you're saving your time and energy for the important thing: eating with family and friends.


Made of reliable, safe and sturdy PP plastic.
The dumpling machine is easy to use and easy to operate. Professionally designed, it seals your dumplings properly, so they cook without leaking.
The shape of each dumpling is perfect.
Dumpling press turns out 8 at a time.
Clean up is fast and easy.
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