Attachable Silicone Leaf Strainer

Color Clear filters

Replace that bulky collector with this flexible strainer: 

Say goodbye to ugly metal strainers taking up all your cabinet space! You can't go wrong with efficiency, style and safety.This beautiful strainer clips onto any pot or bowl and easily drains water while keeping the contents inside. Clip-on design helps keep hands away from hot water.

Shaped like a beautiful leaf, this strainer can be easily stored in a drawer or easily hung with your kitchen utensils, taking little space compared to a large strainer.


Feature: Eco-Friendly
Metal Type: PP
Model Number: Rice Wash Strainer
Certification: CE / EU
Certification: CIQ
Feature 1: Leaf Shaped
Feature 2: Rice Wash Gadget
Feature 3: Noodles Spaghetti Bean
Feature 4: Fruit&Vegetable Clean Tool
Feature 5: Anti Spill
Feature 6: Colanders & Strainers
Feature 7: 10.5cmx14.5cm

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