A job well done ends with a happy customer and a satisfied merchant.”

ShopShipNinja.com is an Online Store designed to satisfy many of your day-to-day wants and needs. We make a special effort to provide our customers with the most innovative, trending and relevant products on the market.  We’re constantly challenging ourselves, and our primary aim is to provide useful, enjoyable, in some cases, lifechanging products to our customers. Whether you are looking to buy something for yourself or as a gift, this is the best place to purchase.

We don’t have everything, but we offer a range of products in a variety of niches that will capture your interest and imagination. And they’re niches we’re passionate about, so we care about the products, and we know about them. You can be assured that the items we sell are of high quality from all around the world, and all of our goods are shipped free or at the lowest possible cost to get expedient delivery.

As our motto “Top Products, Sourced Globally, Shipped Domestically, Delivered Quickly” suggests, we strive to achieve fast and accurate delivery to all our customers, emphasizing domestic suppliers. We focus on the details, as they make a huge difference when it comes to an enjoyable and comfortable shopping experience.

ShopShipNinja.com grew out of a desire to create something useful, something fun, and maybe even a little stealthy. We started this store during a process of reinvention, transitioning from a career in the creative worlds of film and television, into a more self-directed, self-controlled enterprise that is, frankly, more fun. Because instead of creating literary intellectual property that had to be placed with others to bring to fruition as a motion picture or television program; instead of waiting for the galactic forces and the stars to align, which they almost never do; I could spend my time looking for fun and useful products in niches that interest me, and sharing them with customers, people with whom I hope to develop an ongoing relationship.

Some of our products will make your life more fun.  Some will make your life easier or more efficient. Some may actually save your life. 

All of those are worthy missions I take on with joy.

Our goal is to provide you an experience that makes you smile, through quality service and amazing products.


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